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If your washing machine stops and is full of water, you can get the water out by lowering the grey drain hose into a bucket. This will start a syphon effect and empty your washing machine. Then you can open the door to remove the washing, then give us a call to repair your washing machine.


If your washing machine is getting smelly, it is probably due to a build up of limescale and undesolved washing powder, which tends to be damp and gives off a smell not unlike a drain. To resolve this problem just put a mug full of soda crystals in the empty drum and do an empty hot wash, 60 deg or above. Repeat this every 6 months to keep your machine smelling fresh.


If your washing machine is quite modern and you are finding it will not spin one item on it's own, this is because most modern machines are run by electronics which will not allow the machine to spin if an uneven load is detected. So if you have tried to spin a large towel or bath robe and the machine did not spin it, simply open the door and add a dry towel of simular size and spin again. You should find it now spins OK.


If your electric cooker / oven will not work, the first thing to check is that the timer is not on automatic, as when on auto the oven will not work untill a start and end time have been set. So check your instruction book to make sure the timer is on manual before you call an engineer.

Frostfree Fridge/Freezer. Fridge to warm.

If you have a Frostfree Fridge/Freezer that has the problem of the fridge getting warm but the freezer is still the correct temperature, then it is possible that the appliance has missed a defrost and a build up of ice behind the backplate has blocked the airflow to the fridge compartment. To correct the problem you will need to turn the appliance off for 48 hours and leave both doors open, this will allow all the ice to defrost from behind the backplate. After 48 hours switch on the appliance and let it run for 4 hours then both fridge and freezer temperatures should have returned to normal.